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About Us

In a country like South Africa, where mining, industry and population growth is putting pressure on the environment and pollution is a widespread occurrence, SMN International has come to the forefront with its whole category of solutions. Operating from our base in South Africa, our qualified and experienced team are offering you custom made solutions for your specific problem. We seek to contribute to the betterment of the health of our environment and resources which in turn will create a healthy and sustainable environment for humans.


We believe that

Human beings were created to rule the earth, but has done a dismal job as far as sustainability and sensibly managing the environment goes. Our actions and mismanagement in ruling the earth sensibly and in a sustainable manner are threatening our existence on earth as we know it. How do we deal with this situation that we created? Sometimes we don’t! nature itself takes over to correct the balance. The natural environment is created to manage itself. What we need to do instead is to manage the actions of people and their interaction with the environment.

Prohibit the movement of people and limit human impact on the earth and the natural environment starts to heal itself. In our current situation of the COVID-19 lockdowns, observations are made in Europe that polluted and compromised river systems are recovering, air pollution in large cities is reduced significantly and many more observations like this will be made in the following months to come. A good example of nature healing itself from recent history is the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. Once all the humans were evacuated from the impacted, disaster, radiated area, nature took over and recovered much faster than scientists predicted. Does this mean that we need to take humans out of the equation to balance the health of the earth?

Certainly, we cannot remove humans from the earth, but we can change our attitudes, our paradigms(thought patterns), our actions, and do something to help the earth restoring its balance. Go to our products page to see how we can help you and get rid of pollution.

Meet our Team

Balance is not something you find, it's something you create. Creating a healthy balance in the environment is what we strive for.


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